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Manish Vyas: India, its Paths, Traditions, Yoga, Music, Mantra, Spirituality

Manish Vyas

"Since I started traveling to present sacred music from India around the world, I was shocked about the shapes and forms that our traditions from India could take when they reached the west, so far from the real." Mantra, Yoga, Music, Meditation, Kirtan, Ayurveda, Tantra, Dhyan, to just mention some of the ancient sciences and arts from India which have spread around the world in the last decades and are being shared in different ways.Manish shares different aspects from the vast world of music, arts, sciences and paths from India with inspiring stories, interviews and anecdotes, which can bring the listener closer to the magnificent world of arts and culture from India and also will help to understand many aspects that maybe they did not know about.Manish Vyas was born in 1971 in the state of Gujarat in a Brahmin family of artists and musicians. Having been raised in the Sanatana Dharma way of life (known as Hinduism in the west) he has been connected to the culture and tradition of his country since birth; also later being connected with two spiritual Masters and his music Gurus, shaped his path and vision uniquely, refining all he had learned before.All of this offers a vast number of subjects that he shares in these podcast based on his own living experience and through conversations with characters from India. He also interviews these people generating very interesting conversations that will appeal any lover of the world of India. Most important is his seal of authenticity in a world crowded with offers from India, sometimes good references, but also many times very far from the real.A podcast for lovers of the music and culture from India and its different colors and paths. Thank you for listening!
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