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Manish Vyas : India, its paths, traditions and mantra

Manish Vyas

"Since I started traveling to present Mantra and sacred music from India around the world, I was shocked about the shapes and forms that our traditions from India could take when they reach the west, highly far from the real. Mantra, Yoga, Music, Meditation, Kirtan, Ayurveda, Tantra, Dhyan... to just mention some of the ancient sciences and arts from India which have spread around the world in the last decades. Some of the information which reached the west is ok, but a lot of it is unfortunately also misleading, for the sake of superficial commercialization." Manish shares with interesting and entertaining talks different aspects of the vast world of Music, Arts, Sciences, Traditions from India with inspiring stories and anecdotes, which can bring the listener to the real. Manish Vyas was born in 1971 in the state of Gujarat in an artists family. Having been raised in the Sanatana Dharma way of life, he has been connected to the culture and tradition of his country since birth and later mainly through music, studies of sacred texts and mythology, and his spiritual path which started when personally meeting Osho. He was always deeply interested in mystical India and its mystical stories and customs. Following his artistic career, he lived in the cities of Rajkot, Pune, Mysore and Srirangapatna where he lived many years with his master Gurudev. He is still connected with different teachers and guides from India who have given him an unique insight. In his mid forties he moved to Switzerland where he works in the fields of music and teaching, using as tools those traditions from the wise old land of India. In his podcasts, he shares different subjects, which have been of great interest in the west also. Most important is his seal of authenticity in a world crowded with offers from India, sometimes accurate, but also many times very far from real. These talks and interviews are about the real.

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